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Arctic Clean, Thermal Suface Cleaner & Purifier
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Arctic Clean Thermal Material

 Cleaner & Surface Purifier Kit


Introducing ArctiClean, the first retail product to emerge

 from the union of Arctic Silver and Nanotherm technology.

ArctiClean is a two-step cleaning process that removes existing thermal grease or pads

 and prepares the thermal surface for a fresh application of thermal interface material.


Features: Unique 2-Step Process:
ArctiClean 1 Thermal Material Remover quickly emulsifies and dissolves

 the existing thermal grease or pad from the CPU and/or heatsink

 so that it can easily be removed with a clean cloth or paper towel.

A few drops of ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier and

 some gentle wiping then removes the remaining residue and

inhibits flash corrosion on copper or aluminum.


ArctiClean 1 Thermal Material Remover:
ArctiClean 1 uses a proprietary combination of non-toxic biodegradable solvents

 to emulsify thermal greases or thermal pads.

The citrus and soy based solvents in ArctiClean 1 match or exceed

 many hazardsous and volatile solvents such as fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents,

acetone, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol, and toluene.

ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier:
The cationic surfactants in ArctiClean 2 remove any residue left by the ArctiClean 1

leaving a pristine surface for the application of a new thermal interface material.

It also incorporates advanced flash corrosion inhibitors that minimize the corrosion layer

 on copper and aluminum allowing for more intimate contact

 between the thermal interface material and the heatsink.

Using ArctiClean 2 With Other Solvents:
Most solvents and cleaning products leave residue on the CPU and heatsink

 that negatively affects the performance of any subsequently

 applied thermal interface material. ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier

 removes the residue of citrus or petroleum based cleaners and

inhibits flash corrosion on a copper or aluminum heatsink.


Why Not Just Use Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone?
Put isopropyl alcohol or acetone on a thermal pad and 10 minutes later you will have...

A thermal pad.

Only with a lot of rubbing and scrubbing will you be able to remove the pad.

While the alcohol or acetone may soften the pad, neither actually dissolves the pad.

Although less visible, it is the same cleaning thermal greases with alcohol or acetone.

ArctiClean 1 totally emulsifies thermal pads and thermal greases.

The waxes, oils, and fillers of the thermal material are suspended

within the ArctiClean 1 so they can be cleaned off completely.

This emulsification allow ArctiClean to remove the thermal material

in the microscopic imperfections in the heatsink or heat spreader

 that non-emulsifying cleaners cannot touch.

The flash corrosion inhibitors in ArctiClean 2 then significantly reduce

 the corrosion layer on the copper or aluminum, improving the interface

 between the metal and the new thermal material and maximizing thermal transfer.


Compliancy: RoHS Compliant.



Order today!

ArctiClean 1 Thermal Material Cleaner
ArctiClean 2 Thermal Surface Purifier
Volume: 30ml Arcticlean 1 And 30ml Arcticlean 2 (Total 60ml)
Package: Bulk

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