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Ultra Fire Copper Cooling Fan Socket A/370
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Ultra Fire  Copper Base Socket A/ 370 Heat Sink And Fan AMD Athalon XP Up To 3000 +!

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The Ultra Fire ULT31402 allows your system to run smoothly, efficiently and effectively, without the threat of heat degradation. Featuring a state-of-the-cooling-industry heat sink with mirror polish, high-density fin design for superior performance, high air flow and low noise ball-bearing fan, and a super-productive Shin Etsu thermal interface. The Ultra Fire ULT31402 Athlon XP CPU Cooler is easy to install. And you don’t need any tools!

Keep your CPU from overheating. Overheating a CPU can damage it,

keep the CPU cool and extend its life!

Buy It today And Save Your PC!

Ultra Fire Copper Base Cooling Fan for Athlon XP up to 3000+

General Features:
CPU Socket Type: A / 370 (Athlon XP3000+ / Sempron 2800+)
Heat Sink Material: Aluminum Fins / Copper Core
Cooler Dimensions: 62 x 80 x65mm
Heat Sink Dimensions: 62 x 80 40mm
Fan Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 25mm
Rated Voltage: 12V/0.20A
Power Consumption: 2.4W
Fan Speed: 4500RPM
Airflow: 21.5CFM
Static Pressure: 4.997mm
Bearing Type: low-noise Ball Bearing
Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Regulatory Approvals:



  • compatible CPU

  • Ultra Fire Copper Base Cooling Fan for Athlon XP up to 3000+

  • Heatsink compound

Ultra Fire Copper Base Cooling Fan for Athlon XP up to 3000+


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