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MS Office XP PRO W/Publisher SP4 OEM

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Cost  $314.18
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Model# M04-00245
Item# MS13O02XPPRO-3P



Office XP Professional w/Publisher (SP2) OEM White Box Package
Each Piece of Office XP Professional plus Publisher includes:
- Access
- Excel
- PowerPoint 
- Publisher 
- Outlook 
- Word
Includes CD - Office Pro/Publisher XP W32 English #1
CD - Office SB XP W32 English #1 Content OEM
CD - Publisher 2002 WE English #1 OEM
CD - Office SB XP W32 English #1 w/SPs
Flyer - Office SB XP English
Coupon - Office SB XP W32

The Service Pack 2 (SP2) CD will be included in each 3 pack (one CD
per 3 pack). The System Builder will then use this CD to pre-install
SP2 code. "A physical SP2 CD will not be shipped to SB END Users."
Instead, each Office XP CD wallet will contain an insert, which
directs System Builder End Users on how to obtain the SP2 code,
should the End User need to re-install. End Users will have the
option of downloading the SP2 bits from the MS website OR may
utilize geographic AFCs (Authorized Fulfillment Centers) via a
website, for shipment of the physical SP2 CD. End Users are alerted
to the AFC via the inclusion of a System Builder Insert that will be
placed inside the CD wallet. Requesting physical copies of the SP2
CD from an AFC may result in shipping charges to the End User (there
is no charge for the SP2 CD).
Office XP Service Pack 2 incorporates the existing Office XP Service
Pack 1.


What's new in Office XP

- Collaboration - Office XP provides an "out-of-box"
  workspace where your customers can collaborate and
  share documents, calendars,announcements, contacts,
  and a variety of custom lists with each other.
  When a document is sent for review, reviewing tools are
  automatically turned on; and when the document is sent
  back, the changes from all reviewers can be merged into
  the original document.
- Document Recovery - Office XP offers Document
  Recovery in Microsoft Word and Excel to give your
  customers the option of saving their current
  files at the time an error may occur so less time is used
  recreating their documents and spreadsheets.
- Template Gallery on - Your customers can
  get their work done faster and more efficiently with Office
  XP by starting from a professionally authored template.
  Template categories include Legal,
  Finance, Marketing and Business forms.
- Office Activation Wizard (OAW) - Genuine Microsoft
  Office software contains Product Activation technology.
  Product activation is an important anti-piracy technology
  designed to ensure your customers that
  they have genuine Microsoft product and requires users
  to activate their Microsoft Office XP product, in order to
  use it.
- OEM Preinstallation Kit - The preinstallation process is
  now easier,as an OPK CD is now included in the Office XP
  System Builder 3-pack you received through Authorized

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