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Microsoft Windows 2000 Prof SP4 DSP OEM

CPU Coolers, Heatsink, & Fans
Thermal Compound
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Product Details

Model# B23-03604
Item # MS13WIN2KPRO-3P


Detailed Specification

Users most efficient

Windows 2000 Professional offers an intelligent User Interface that builds on the familiar Windows interface and adapts to the way users work. Personalized Menus adapts the Start Menu to the way users work by displaying the most used applications.

Desktop Management

Windows 2000 offers unparalleled multilingual support, which allows users to create and display documents in the languages used in over 120 international locales. To further enhance multilingual support, Microsoft offers a separate Windows 2000 MultiLanguage Version, which provides up to 24 localized language versions of the Windows user interface. With IntelliMirror™ management technology, based on the Active Directory™ service, administrators can easily manage and back up users’ data. (Note: IntelliMirror requires Windows 2000 Server).


Windows 2000 Professional builds on the security system of Windows NT to enable users and administrators to select the appropriate level of protection for their information. With the Encrypting File System (EFS), Windows 2000 Professional helps protect data on a computer's hard drive. With support for standards such as Kerberos, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Windows 2000 Professional protects data traversing the corporate network or the Internet.

Easier to Deploy

The System Preparation tool enables organizations to utilize imaging techniques to easily roll out Windows 2000 Professional. Remote Installation Services (RIS) supports booting and installing the operating system on a machine using the ROM on a network interface card.

Extends Notebooks capabilities

Through support for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), Smart Battery and Advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Resilient to application failures

The Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology in Windows 2000 enables self-healing applications - if installing or deleting an application, or even a part of an application, causes a problem, MSI fixes it.

Dynamic system configuration

With its support for Plug and Play, Windows 2000 Professional lets users easily add hardware devices without rebooting.

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